15 Scriptures to Pray for Your Nation and Its Leaders

Prayer brings comfort, guidance, and hope and can help to unite people across political, social, and cultural divides. As Christians, we are called to pray

Oluwaseun Cephas Oluwaseun Cephas 10 Min Read

Victory Over Sin: Walking in the Understanding of God’s Word

Victory over sin cannot be achieved by relying solely on your own strength and efforts because if your strength and efforts is not rooted in

Oluwaseun Cephas Oluwaseun Cephas 12 Min Read

Prayers to Overcome Masturbation and Pornography

Through prayer, we can invite God into our lives and ask for His guidance and strength as we seek to overcome these addictions. In this

Oluwaseun Cephas Oluwaseun Cephas 8 Min Read

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Report: North Korea Sentences 2-Year-Old to Life in Prison due to Parents’ Bible Possession

A recent report by the U.S. State Department has shed light on

News Reporter News Reporter

Christian Woman Abandoned in National Park by Muslim Husband Over Conversion

In a shocking incident in western Uganda, a Muslim man reportedly left

News Reporter News Reporter

Pakistani Christian Widow Freed on Bail in Blasphemy Case

A Pakistani Christian widow, Mussarrat Bibi, has been granted bail after being

News Reporter News Reporter


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